Taking an online typing test is the quickest and best way to evaluate your current level of typing skills.

A good test will analyze your typing skills in two different areas: speed and accuracy.

Your typing speed will get measured in terms of Words Per Minute (WPM). After taking the test, you’ll get to see, on average, how many words you can type in a 60 second time period. If you’re just started getting typing or you’re not very good, you can expect to have a speed of around 20WPM. If you’re pretty good at typing, 50WPM is a good target to expect. Some people can type at speeds of nearly 200WPM, but usually such people are professionals, and this isn’t necessary for most people.

Your typing accuracy gets measured in terms of what percentage of the words you typed correctly. Sometimes people get pretty wrapped up in thinking their typing speed is important. But in reality your accuracy is probably much more important. Why? Two reasons. One is, if you’re sending an email to your boss or friend, they really don’t care how fast you typed it if it’s filled with a lot of spelling and punctuation mistakes. They’re still going to have a bad impression of you. The second reason is, often the best way for people to improve their typing speed is to become more accurate! Think about it. If you have to spend a lot of time fixing all kinds of mistakes, how fast can you really type? Not very fast at all. typing test

Of course, just analyzing your typing speed and accuracy doesn’t do you much good except for learning your current skill level. If you really want to improve your skills, you’ll need to undergo some training and practice. Often you can get this from the same tool or website that tests your typing, but of course the quality of the training varies greatly from site to site.

Online typing tests are widely available throughout the Internet and range in cost from free to $30 and up. Unfortunately the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is as true in this area as any other. Free tests have a great price but they often are sub-standard, loaded with ads and offer poor training to improve your skills, if any.

If you’re interested in improving your skills, I certainly recommend looking around at a number of different options out there. You’d be surprised how quickly you can improve with some practice and the right training. Be sure to find an online typing test that suits you well and will give you what you need.

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