What is Salehoo? How does Salehoo work to the benefit of eBay sellers and other online retailers or sellers? These perhaps are two (2) of the basic questions that you would like to ask. Answers to these basic questions will certainly help eBay and other online sellers find ways to simplify their business and explore the possibility of working with other wholesalers, distributors and drop shippers. Further to the foregoing, understanding an online business directory like Salehoo will give you an insight into how and where to find reliable drop ship suppliers.

An online business directory is nothing more but an online list of companies and individuals engaged in the business of manufacturing, wholesaling or distribution of products and goods. The number of listed businesses may vary from directory to another; in the same vein, the integrity and reliability of the listed business may also differ, depending on the standards observed by the operator of the directory. Generally, only registered members can access the list. Meaning, one has to register and pay a certain amount as registration fee before you can freely access the business list and avail of the other services. how to sellĀ a business quickly

One of the online business directories that had attracted the attention of many eBay players and sellers is Salehoo. Similar to other online directories, Salehoo offers its members its own list of companies and individuals engaged in a particular business, whether in the field of manufacturing, wholesaling or distribution. Many of the listed businesses also engaged in drop shipping supplies directly to the online buyers. A visit to the website of Salehoo will tell you that it takes pride in pursuing a higher standard in choosing which business, company or individual to include in the list. Salehoo also emphasizes integrity as a distinguishing attribute of the listed businesses. It also ensures that its list is kept updated and can be easily accessed by its members.

To date, not a few eBay and other online sellers register with Salehoo. Though, there are also independent online shoppers who find the business list of Salehoo gratifying in their search for products to buy.

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