The new smartphone in the market – the OnePlus Nord 2, is already receiving good reception from the reviews of users. This budget phone from Oppos has been loaded with features that can easily satisfy any user at its core. This smartphone has got some unique features that are not available with any other smartphone currently on the market. The most impressive feature that this smartphone has is the availability of a Dual Shot and a built-in stereo speakers. Check out some of the benefits that you can enjoy with the help of the OnePlus Nordic 2 5G. OnePlus Nord 2 5G

One of the most interesting things about this smartphone is the presence of a Dual Shot camera which lets you take photos of two images – one taken from the front and another one captured from the back. This dual shooter feature allows you to get rid of the usual problems of taking pictures from the back as it is quite difficult to take photos from the back as there are many things that can obstruct the view of the shot. Plus, there are also some situations where you want to take a photo but do not want to use the flash. With the help of this handy feature, you can use the back camera to shoot your favorite photo and then share it with your friends through a cute animated gif that you can create using the medial messaging application.

The presence of an intuitive navigation button at the bottom portion of the screen makes the task of navigating to different applications a lot easier. Also, the built-in widget makes it easier for you to access your favorite apps. When you buy the OnePlus Nordic 2 5g, you will be able to get this smartphone with a free SIM card slot which is a great advantage for all the people who travel a lot. Apart from the SIM card, you should also buy a suitable charger for this smartphone so that you do not have to wait for hours while you connect the handset to the charger.

One of the major selling features of this smartphone is its fast charging capability thanks to its advanced power management system. As you buy this handset from one of the leading online stores like Oppo, you will find one of the best power saving modes available in this handset along with the ability to customize the heat recovery mode. You can now customize the heat recovery mode with the help of an app which enables you to set a time limit and a threshold value that helps you to automatically turn off the device when the temperature reaches a certain threshold. The heat recovery mode helps you to increase the battery life of the smartphone by overcharging it. This feature of the HTC Wildfire EU is unique and does not work with all the variants of the device.

The shining star of the smartphone market is the lighted status bar. It has the capability to display the percentage of light that glows on the smartphone. The percentage of light that glows is highly customizable with the help of a couple of different apps including Greenify and HTC Status Bar. You can also use the Quickoffice add-in which enables you to open PDF documents directly from the stock Android browser with the help of a tap. The Android Browser also has some of the best 5g features including the native Google Chrome browser and the new tab functionality which helps you to quickly see the different open tabs on the screen.

The final highlight for this smartphone is the OxygenOS 3.2 release which is the latest Oxygen OS version from Nokia. The OxygenOS 3.2 gives you the freedom to experience the powerful mobile operating system in a fully optimized state with the help of many exciting features such as the notification center, the fast charge system, themed apps, themed features and much more. Themed apps make your smartphone much more interesting and themed features such as the HTC overlay allow you to perform tasks faster and better with the added efficiency. The 90hz amoled display on the OnePlus Nord 2 gives you the clarity and the sharpness that you will always come to expect from an excellent smartphone.

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