My girlfriends and I have all been wanting to get into airbrushing makeup, as we have all seen great results from airbrushing at various formal occasions where we had our makeup done using airbrushes.

We decided that if we were all wanting to make a purchase, why not go for different brands, and do a couple of weeks of testing, then see which one came out the best and then all buy that one. So four of us forked out the money for the testers (sold later on eBay for next to cost price!) and we each took turns spending a couple of days trying them out. This is what we found: permanent makeup supplier

Temptu Cosmetics:

The Temptu Cosmetics system was very reasonably priced, with quite a good looking kit which made it a fast favorite. The Temptu Cosmetics didn’t really hold up over the testing period though, because a number of the ladies found that the application of makeup wasn’t very smooth or continuous and they would have to wipe it off and start over again.


Another set on the cheaper scale which looked alright, but had one annoying feature which everyone pointed out, and that was that there was no holder to put the stylus in, so it got a bit messy. The OCC foundations were decent, though there seemed to be more variety in the body-art colors than in foundation ranges. Everyone liked the OCC skin primer that came with it, however no one seemed to be able to get the right shade of foundation happening.

Kett Cosmetics:

Kett Cosmetics were by far the most expensive, with the kit costing upwards of seven hundred dollars. This put us off a bit for a home-use kit however, we still tried it out. The color range of Kett Cosmetics was quite good, and the makeup went on well, however the price was more in the professional range than in the home-use range.


Dinair came up the overall favorite. Although it was not the cheapest at around two hundred dollars for the initial cost, most of the ladies found that it used the least makeup, so would work out more economically in the long run. Overall the handling of the stylus was easy, and the makeup was long-lasting and in a good color range

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