Everyone is raving about the brand new Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung recently earned huge success and recognition in the mobile phone world thanks to the original Galaxy S Smartphone which sold over 20 million units. Samsung is now currently releasing the update to the original handset, the Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s an exciting smartphone which everyone has been anticipating since its February announcement. Samsung USB Drivers for Windows 10 Download

The Galaxy S 2 is created from several black plastic pieces which when assembled presents a smartphone that is crisp and clean in its design. The front is sleek and glossy, while the back is enclosed with a roughly textured grip making it sturdy to the hand. It has a lightweight of 119 grams.

This is probably the slimmest smartphone on the market, almost impossibly thin. The chassis with its contours and the mesh material at the back will keep the phone from getting to hot when it has been used for long periods. Smartphones do tend to get very hot when used for a long period so this is a welcomed feature of the design.

The screen is a massive 4.3 inch AMOLED Plus display and it has a Gorilla Glass coating which serves as protection from daily bumps, knocks and scratches. The big screen is perfect for playing the countless videos on the YouTube and watching movies and series.

A new element of Galaxy S 2 that makes Samsung’s Android presentations unique from other smartphones, is the extra services and content provided by four “hub”. The Game Hub is divided into 2 different sections, the ‘Social’ section and the ‘Premium’ section. These hubs contain 20 built-in titles and Samsung are planning to add more over the coming months.

A range of popular social games are installable and can be played for free. The games included are the games that are liked by millions of Facebook users, Zynga’s Farmville and Mafia Wars. The Premium titles are the series of games from Gameloft, but they come in demo format until you pay. At least you get a chance to give it a try before deciding to pay for and download a game.

The Music Hub will feature an iTunes like music service that allows users to purchase and download music using the phone. Following the Galaxy series tradition, Samsung presents Navicon smart maps and Google maps that are always handy to drivers. This is a unique feature of S2.

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