Three things to look for when buying a reptile online. The first is the quality of the pics. Are they in focus? Do they show the entire animal? Are they big enough to see? You want to be able to be sure you are getting a healthy pet. If there is anything wrong with it like missing toes, tips of tail, or mites, is it distinguishable in the pic. If not can you e-mail the breeder to get better ones? things to do in pomona this weekend

Which leads me into availability. I’m not just talking about whether or not there are any animals available. I’m also talking about how easy it is to get a hold of the breeder. If the breeder is close to you can you visit the facility to pick up your new pet? That is the best way to tell if you are going to be getting a healthy animal. If they are going to have to ship, how are they going to do it? If they are Fed Ex Certified that is a good sign that your pet will arrive safely.

The third is, how long have they been breeding reptiles. These are one of the most popular pet reptiles on the market today because of there temperament, size and ease of breeding. Many people breed them without really trying and can incubate them to hatch fairly simply. For quality babies the mother will need to be fed a lot of supplements and extra food. An inexperienced breeder might not know how to do this. This could result in babies that are small and unhealthy.

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