As an internet business owner, you may find yourself attending conferences, workshops, trade shows or other events regularly. If you become a speaker at these events, or host your own – you may discover you need a way to process credit cards on-the-go. Some people prefer to take orders on paper, and enter them all into their processing system when they return to the office, but this method is risky. If the numbers are incorrectly written on the sheets, or if the card is declined, you could lose the sale all together. Whatever the reason for your on-the-go card processing needs, you have a number of options to accept cards from customers even when you’re not at your computer or in the office.

Accept Cards By Mobile Device High Risk Credit Card Processing

With a small card swiping unit connected to a laptop, you can accept payments wherever you go. If you rely on PayPal to process cards, you can take advantage of the USBSwiper, a small unit that connects to the USB of a laptop or computer, and allows you to swipe your customer’s credit cards. The small handheld unit is connected to your PayPal account, and you can process all major cards on the go at your normal PayPal flat transaction rate.

A number of companies have released wireless mobile card terminals which allow both credit card and pin-based transactions on-the-go. Cards are processed through your merchant account when you use one of these devices to swipe a credit card.

Many smartphones can also be turned into mobile credit card processing devices. Some companies provide a small handheld device to swipe the card, and payment is sent via the smartphone to the processor to handle and deposit into your account. Other companies allow you to enter the customer’s card details into the phone to be processed manually.

Accept Credit Cards By Phone

You can use a touch tone phone to process credit cards from anywhere you have phone service if you set up a merchant account with a phone processing option, like Accept-By-Phone. Generally, this type of merchant account charges a low monthly fee and a fee-per-transaction. You dial an access number and enter your customer’s card details to process the payments.

Processing cards by phone is also an additional feature of many of the traditional merchant accounts. If you already have a merchant account in your office or online, find out whether they also offer a phone processing system so you can call in your customer cards when you’re on the road.

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