It’s the foundation’s shoulder that sustains the whole weight of the home and thus it is most important part. Keeping the foundation in good condition would make you escape disastrous situations like foundation collapse and sinking. Inspecting the foundation issues regular basis and recognizing them would reduce repair expenses and ultimately extends the life of your home’s foundation.

There are multiple conditions that can make the foundation unstable and weak. Mainly water, temperature, hurricanes and earthquakes affects the foundation. Moreover, if you reside in an area where it rains a lot and you have bad soil round your home. Then your home building can be at risk.

Some of the signs of foundation issues to look for in your home are: Shotcrete wall contractors

• Bulging of the walls, can be due to excessive outside pressure.
• Standing water in the basement.
• Gaps between floors and walls.
• Cracks in walls and floors.

You can also watch out for the external signs as well like uneven foundation settlement, gaps between bricks and windows, sticking doors, visibility of moss growing on the surface of the foundation.

An unleveled foundation settlement can make your home’s foundation more stressed and leads toward cracking. The seasonal expansion and contraction of soil can be one of its major causes. Soil expands when it gets wets and when it dries up it loses its volume and creates an extra space for the foundation to drop further into the ground.

Foundation problems can present serious issues for homeowners. Although some issues may not seem major and may not have immediate effects, a cracked or damaged foundation can often result in problems with the home and may cost the homeowner significant amounts of money to repair. Replacing your foundation will be much more expensive and time consuming. For instance, foundation replacement involves digging around the perimeter of the house, lifting it up on stilts, and then rebuilding the foundation.

You might be wondering about the remedies to follow in case you encounter above mentioned foundation problems. First of all don’t panic there are professionals out there to rescue you. Contact a foundation repair expert, a survey would be performed for getting a better insight of the problems that had caused the situation.

To stabilize a sinking foundation the contractor would suggest using helical pier and steel brackets. These piers are also known by certain other names like helix piers, helical anchors, helical piles and helix anchors.

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