Perhaps you hired a developer to create your website or you published it yourself and you are not certain if it’s sufficiently optimized. Maybe it was maximized for users and search engines at one time, but you have since made changes. For whatever reason, you have a question mark (?) where an exclamation (!) should be as to whether your site is currently fully optimized. Free SEO Tool

Optimizing your website is the first step in successful Internet marketing. Off-page promotion will drive people and search engines to your site, but if it doesn’t perform exceptionally well once they get there it’s generally a wasted effort. I am considering search engines and your competition when I set the bar at “exceptionally well”. If you do what your competitor does, then you must do it better.

Unless they (and you) have had their website reviewed, analyzed and modified by a reputable Internet marketing service or consultant, then it is probably not optimized. Many website owners erroneously make the assumption that optimization was included in development. It rarely is. Or perhaps it’s more appropriate to say that sufficient optimization was likely not included. Being an excellent site developer does not necessarily translate to knowing how to effectively optimize your website.

When considering a website analysis, be cautious of businesses providing a “free analysis”. These offers are usually obligation free, however the question is whether their primary concern is the welfare of your business or theirs. Such offers are generally a marketing strategy for “up-sale”. You will probably receive some benefit, but companies that charge a small fee for this service are much more likely to be open, honest and forthcoming with their findings.

One other word of caution: there is an abundance of automated website analysis services on the Internet. With few exceptions, we recommend that you avoid them. The end product is generally insufficient and a waste of money. An automated system simply cannot consider and properly advise you how to best optimize a website for your specific market and objectives. To accomplish that, you need a qualified and breathing human in the process.

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