With rising heat waves and natural disasters reaching across America, more and more people are buying a diesel generator for times of need. If you are someone who believes a diesel generator is a dirty, noisy thing to have then you might want to think again. Farmers have relied on them for generations as primary and backup sources of power. Now days, many Americans are rushing out to purchase generators as they cannot rely on the main grid supply. If you are one of those continually inconvenienced by power shortages you will be considering buying a diesel generator to protect your home and family. Now is the time to act, before you are left stranded without power again. factory direct generators

The national power grid is put under so much pressure in times of emergency and you can be left for not just days on end, but sometimes for weeks relying on emergency power. Then there is the other issue of lack of supply from you supplier so their are rolling blackouts to conserve power. Then there other influences that affect you power’s reliability – accidents, parts malfunctioning, and bad weather. It does not matter why the power supply is cut, it is all the same, you still worry about food spoiling in your refrigerator and searching for candles you can’t find.

Most think a diesel generator belongs in large industrial applications. While this is true they have their place wherever they are needed for hard work. A large diesel generator ranges from 20 kW to more than 2000 kW – sufficient to run a small power plant. They support our emergency services and backup reliable power for the police, ambulance and fire departments. They provide standby power to transport systems on the roads, at airports and at sea. And keep our communications system up and running in times of crisis. A diesel engine is a reliable workhorse. The harder you work it the better it runs. There will always be a diesel generator brought into to provide emergency power support in times of crisis.

People from all walks of life are turning to the diesel generator for reliable alternative electricity. Home owners, builders, even small business owners are choosing a diesel generator over their gas competitors. Many gas generators are sold at discount prices which makes the diesel powered generator a more expensive option. But ask yourself why they are so cheap and so many more people are opting to buy the more expensive diesel generator. Gas generators have proven to be a much more expensive alternative in the long-term. A diesel generator will outlast gas generator ten times over.

1. A diesel generator runs better if it works hard, 24/7. Many cheap generators from hardware and cut-rate shops are built for occasional use. They barely last a thousand hours, less if put under continual load, before they need a complete overhaul. A diesel generator has fewer moving parts that can break down and will last at least 20,000 hours before any major work will be required.

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