Keychain gift sets are not very expensive and can be bought for $5 – 20. However, that doesn’t take anything out of their value, especially as souvenirs to friends, classmates or colleagues. Keychain gift sets are quite handy given that they can hold quite a few things together. The fact that it is better to have all your keys in one place along with a utility item that you might need now and then make them all the more important. A good example is the key chain with a small Swiss knife along with it that could be useful at home and when camping or trekking. acrylic charms

Keychain gift sets could include other items too like cardholders, key tags and satin silver finish ballpoint pens. Some of these include rubber capers too with comic book characters of different colors to help people remember which key is for what, especially when they have a lot of similar keys to handle every day. These gifts set are sometimes slightly expensive and may contain a watch that could be hung from the belt. If you visit famous tourist destinations, it is not uncommon to find these gifts set. One can carry them back as souvenirs for friends and family.For example, in New York, you will find key chains with a Statue of Liberty replica made of plastic, glass or porcelain hanging from it. That will act as a sweet memory for someone who has been there and has brought back pleasant memories.

Some key chain gift sets have promotional gifts like Sun ray dial ballpoint pens. Such souvenirs are handed over by companies to employees on anniversary events, launch of special products etc. These gift sets usually are custom-made, with small items of interest and utility like a chrome or zinc alloy key chain, a floral design or the company building’s small glass model. Engraved on it usually will be the company logo too. Keychain gift sets can also be ordered in bulk with a message printed on all of them. Such bulk orders usually ensure that you get them for much less. These can also be a good wedding favor that can be given out to all guests of the evening to appreciate their presence. Giving them a souvenir will help them remember your marriage even as time passes away. That could include a small photo of the couple too if you desire inside a small gold-plated or chrome pendant.

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