It is said that the most important person in an organization is the book keeper or the accounting clerk. Why the high value for accountants or book keepers? The reason is a business or a company will have no progress if it does not have any records of transactions and if it does not have a dedicated section for book keeping. In order for a business entity or financial institution to prosper it should have an organized recording of its financial transactions. This is in order for it to be able to plot its growth as well as for it to be able to contrive or design a plan of action to make it grow further. Small Business bookkeeping

So what is book keeping? As stated above book keeping is the process of recording the financial transactions of a company. A book keeper keeps track of all the transactions that a company or a business entity enters into, and then prepares a report that would be consolidated into what is called as a daybook, usually consisting of the official receipts, purchases, sales receipts and payments to the business entity or company. After these reports would be consolidated they would then be used by accountants to come up with an income statement as well as a balance sheet. Because of the extremely volatile nature of the work of book keepers they are usually privy to the goings on inside a company, and are usually the first to be pirated by other companies or in the case of a takeover of a certain company by a rival business entity, it is the book keepers whose services are usually retained.

Book keeping is not only important to business entities it is also important for individuals. Especially now that the whole world is still reeling from the effects of the global financial crisis, accounting clerks, accountants and book keepers are now becoming in demand. Even information technology companies are cashing in on the need for adequate book keeping software, by developing software solutions that would actually fit what type of company would avail of it. There are even websites today that are now offer book keeping and accounting services.

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